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Health issues, quarrels await Duterte in 2017, feng shui expert says

Health issues and quarrels are expected to affect President Rodrigo Duterte's year in 2017, a feng shui expert said on Tuesday.

“Illness issues are very strong, because [Duterte] being a fire person, you produce a so-called earth element energy, therefore it's affecting his health,” Marites Allen said at a news forum.

Duterte was born on March 28, 1945 on a day of fire and in a year of the rooster.

Allen said Duterte should be extra careful about his health this year, especially in the month of March.

“He has to be very careful in the month of March, because March is his conflict month, it's the month of the rabbit. Rooster and rabbit are enemies,” Allen said.

“The rooster is also surrounded by misunderstandings, arguments and quarreling issues. So he has to be watchful in terms of alliances and the people around him,” she added.

Not altogether unfortunate

But Duterte’s animal sign will not totally bring him bad luck this year, Allen said.

In fact, she said rooster and fire persons are “intelligent” leaders and may even bring their country to prosperity.

“Did you know that [some of] our past presidents, from President [Ferdinand] Marcos, [Fidel] Ramos, (Benigno) Noynoy Aquino, [Joseph] Estrada, and now Duterte, they are all born on the day of the fire,” Allen said.

"It appears that our country is actually blessed with very strong leaders. In terms of luck, for as long as all of them will get support from us and we are all in alignment with all we want to pursue for the country, then it's gonna be prosperous,” she added.

Feng shui experts like her, Allen said, carefully study the “luck” a leader, as it is connected to the luck the country under his or her leadership.

"It is very important for us experts to analyze the luck of the country, because the luck of the country is actually very dependent on the luck of the president,” Allen said.

“So if the president is very, very lucky, naturally the Philippines will be very prosperous,” she added.

‘Year of innovation’

Despite the challenges 2017 may bring to Philippine politics, Allen said it is nevertheless a good year for those who want to start a business.

“It is going to be a commercial year, year of innovation, year of commercialism,” Allen said. “It is up to the individual how he can make use of it.”

In particular, Allen said good luck in money, family and friends is waiting for people born in the year of the rat, ox, dragon, snake, and boar.

She noted, however, that feng shui is just “one-third” of a person’s luck. Being diligent in work, school and life are still the keys to a prosperous 2017.

“Feng shui can never answer everything in life, but it helps,” Allen said. —NB, GMA News