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Duterte calls Amnesty International ‘naive and stupid’ over report  

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday criticized Amnesty International (AI) for reporting that many drug-related killings were extrajudicial executions that directly implicate the police.
"Ito ring amnesty so naive and so stupid, why would we kill people? Ano itong gobyerno na ito, tigapatay na parang aso?" Duterte said in a press conference in Davao City. 
"There has to be a reason. Find out the reason. Find out the truth," he added 
An AI investigation found that police officers paid gunmen up to P15,000 to execute suspected drug offenders.
The report also pointed to Duterte encouraging the killing of drug addicts. It recalled Duterte's statement that he would "be happy to slaughter drug addicts."
Meanwhile, as to whether the Senate would look into the AI report, Duterte said, "Hayaan nila, hanapin nila ang totoo." — DVM, GMA News