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Duterte twits past administrations’ ’wrong decisions’

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday criticized previous administrations for failing to uplift the Filipinos' quality of life.

"In the past, our government verged on failure because those who were in the position to help deliberately made wrong decisions which favored only themselves," Duterte said in his speech during the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Homecoming in Baguio City.

"That is why I promised during my first State of the Nation Address, I promised you a comfortable life. My administration is working to ensure that basic human services are available to all; food and health needs; water and sanitation; shelter; public safety; education; and economic opportunities," he said.

The President, who during the homecoming event was adopted by the PMA Class 1967 as an honorary member of its alumni association, also noted the "widening gap" between the rich and the poor.

"Government must now deliver goods and services to really serve the people, not just the interest of the few," he said.

In his speech, Duterte cited Davao City during his term as mayor, wherein he became well-known for bringing peace and order to his hometown.

"Now I believe what happened in Davao can really happen nationwide but I need the help of each one, especially the military, not for social control but protection the citizens from the lawless, the reckless, and the selfish," he said. —Anna Felicia Bajo/ALG, GMA News