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Dinky files complaint vs. DSWD exec over ‘unprofessional’ social media posts

Former Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Corazon "Dinky" Soliman has filed a complaint against DSWD Assistant Secretary Lorraine Marie Badoy over the latter's social media posts using a language "unbecoming of civil servant."

In her letter dated March 29 addressed to Civil Service Commission (CSC) chairperson Alice Bala, Soliman expressed her intention to file a complaint against Badoy and urged the commission to act on the matter.

The CSC Office for Legal Affairs, in a phone call with GMA News Online, confirmed receiving the complaint on Thursday.

Soliman, in her letter, told Bala that there were three specific write-ups that she wanted Badoy to be reprimanded for.

One is Badoy's Facebook post on March 26, where she said: "Tapos 'yung mga taga-EU [European Union], mag online child porn muna kayo. Diyan naman kayo magaling eh. (Wow. Uproar.)

The European Parliament has passed a joint resolution this month condemning the extrajudicial killings in the country and urging "impartial and meaningful investigations to bring perpetrators to justice. The resolution also called on the EU to urge the United Nations to launch an independent probe on the killings.

Soliman said that being an official of the DSWD, Badoy should not be making a joke out of child pornography.

"An official of DSWD should not and cannot be flippant about a serious injustice being done to children. When she accepted the job to be an assistant secretary, she should have known that there are responsibilities that come with it," Soliman said in her letter.

"Using 'child porn' as a way of shaming EU is not acceptable as it sends a message that 'child porn' is acceptable, even when it is used as sarcasm," she added.

Soliman also cited Badoy's blog post on March 17, where she said: "She (referring to the current DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo) has set right a Department that was known for its cynicism and its dismal failure in protecting, nurturing, empowering the poor. And she will not stop until everything will be as it should be."

Soliman argued that Badoy should not be shaming her colleagues in public and using derogatory language.

"It insults the thousands of social workers and social development workers who have been serving the poor for decades – walking the mountains, forging the seas and working 24/7 during disasters," Soliman said.

Badoy's statement also lacked basis, Soliman said, as the DSWD has consistently made it to the top 3 best rated agencies of government in the past three administrations.

"If she did see bad performance and bad service, she should have called the person or persons concerned and have given concrete examples of the bad service she observed instead of making a blanket statement which is very unprofessional," she said.

Lastly, Soliman cited Badoy's Facebook post on March 29 where she said “So you say you love our children? Get the f**k out of my way then. Put your measly political agendas, for once, out of the way, for the sake of our children and let me do my job. With all humility, let me say this: you will want someone as ENRAGED, as FOCUSED, as CRAZY as I am on that team that runs after the f**king low lives who prey on our children.”

"The language used is totally unacceptable for an official of DSWD. She sets a bad example for young people who can read her blog. We do not put value in cursing because it violates the dignity of persons. It is a basic tenet of social work principles," Soliman said of Badoy's post.

With these posts, Soliman argued that Badoy violated Sections 4a.b (Professionalism) and 4a.c (Justness and Sincerity) of Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

"I request your good office to conduct an investigation and provide orientation on RA 6713 to her so she understands the enormity of the responsibility she has accepted. A public official must exercise ethical norms and promote positive values as part of being a public servant," Soliman said.

Badoy, however, seemed unfazed by Soliman's complaint.

In her Facebook post on Thursday, she said the complaint would not even put her in jail.

"Naku madam, hindi ko ikapepreso yan. If worse comes to worst, all that ever happens to me is I lose this job — that I don't grasp at and willingly give up if it gets to that. I have a lovely life with my family and dogs and books waiting for me," Badoy said.

"Yeah, sure, there's one less eagle eye to do the Yolanda audits, etc etc. But I am confident the members of Sec Taguiwalo's team — so like the Secretary they serve under: brilliant, incorruptible, compassionate — will more than take up the slack when I am gone," she added.

It was under Soliman's previous leadership at the DSWD, under the Aquino administration, that the agency was criticized for alleged lapses in the distribution of rleief goods to Yolanda-affected communities.

A medical doctor, Badoy assumed her post at the DSWD on Feb. 13.

She was tasked to be the "focal person of the Office of the Secretary in implementing the medicine assistance to drug dependents undergoing rehabilitation," Taguiwalo said in a press release sent to media on the day of Badoy's appointment. — MDM, GMA News