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Martial law is martial law, I’ll be harsh –President Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte said that the martial law he declared late Tuesday evening in Mindanao is going to be "harsh" --a move precipitated by attacks of ISIS-linked Maute Group on Marawi City. 

In an exclusive interview with the newly-appointed assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Office Mocha Uson, Duterte said, "I'll be harsh. Martial law is martial law ... kayong mga kababayan ko, you have experienced martial law... it would not be any different from what President [Ferdinand] Marcos did." 

Uson posted the video of her interview with the President on her Facebook account early Wednesday morning. 

In the interview shortly before Duterte left Russia for the Philippines, he also assured the Filipinos: "Don't be too scared."

"I'm going home I'm cutting my visit here [Russia] to be with my countrymen. And I will deal with the problem once I arrive."

"I am sad but what makes me happy is that I was able to have a last-minute meeting with President Vladimir Putin and I was able to communicate all the things that I wanted to tell him. Positive naman ...," he added.

Asked how long he intends to put Mindanao under iron rule, he said, "If it would take a year to go then ... I will do it. If it is over within a month then I'll be happy." —LBG/TJD, GMA News