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NDFP reiterates declaration to oppose, fight terrorism

The National National Democratic Front of the Philippines on Saturday reiterated its declaration to appose and fight terrorism, hand in hand with government forces.

In a statement, NDFP chairman Fidel Agcaoili stressed that the decision to oppose and fight terrorist groups and to condemn acts of terrorism is "a matter of fundamental principle and constant policy."

Earlier in June, Agcaoili said that the communist revolutionary forces would help in the fight against ISIS-inspired Maute and other terrorist groups in Marawi City if the government withdrew its all-out war policy and the martial law declaration in Mindanao.

But in his statement this Saturday, Agcaoili said: "We condemn and are resolved and determined to counteract the Maute, Abu Sayyaf and Ansar Al Khilafah Philippines (AKP) groups which are wreaking havoc in Marawi City. These are terrorist groups linked to local reactionary forces, affiliated with ISIS and supported by US-CIA and other foreign entities."

There was no mention of the NDFP's earlier conditions for helping government forces in Marawi. 

Agcaoili also said that the "level of counteraction against terrorism, as well as the nature, scope and duration must be appropriate and proportional to the degree of danger, threat and/or harm and mayhem being committed by the terrorist groups concerned in Marawi City."

Moreover, he said that the NDFP has already instructed the Moro Resistance and Liberation Organization (MRLO) inside Marawi City to assume home defense tasks against the Maute, Abu Sayyaf and AKP groups.

Likewise, the New People’s Army close to Marawi City is under instructions to redeploy for the purpose of mopping up, holding and blocking operations, if necessary.

"The NDFP is ready to discuss and agree in detail with the GRP on how ceasefire, coordination and cooperation can be achieved in Marawi City by both forces unilaterally keeping safe distances between each other," Agcaoili added.

Also, he said that the NDFP has recommended to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to order all NPA units in Mindanao to refrain from carrying out offensive operations  against the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police, provided that government security forces refrain from carrying out offensives against the NPA and people’s militia.

The CPP, NDFP and the NPA are still on the US terror list. —LBG, GMA News