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Dutertes paid back Cory, Sara tells critic

The Dutertes have already paid back the late President Corazon "Cory" Aquino for starting President Rodrigo Duterte's political career decades ago when she appointed him officer-in-charge vice mayor of Davao City, his daughter Sara said on Monday.

In a Facebook response to a netizen's question on what the Dutertes have done to pay back the Aquinos, the incumbent mayor of Davao City explained at length how her father remained loyal to Aquino amid ouster attempts.

“Nevertheless, nagtatanong ang angas mo, how we paid the Aquinos. Nagbayad si Digong- sa lahat ng coup d' etat against Cory, he supported her admin and he worked for Davao City as Cory expected of him,” Sara said in a Facebook post that included a screenshot of a tweet by “@Simply_Clinton.”

Her post has been shared 9,646 times, as of 3:10 p.m. It also received over 31,000 reactions and 2,400 comments.

The tweet by @Simply_Clinton’s was linked to an article about Sara criticizing Senators Francis Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros, and Antonio Trillanes IV for supposedly being ungrateful to Duterte.

“Likewise. Your father was appointed by Cory Aquino to be Vice Mayor. What did you pay the Aquinos in return?” @Simply_Clinton said.

Sara said, “Cory was paid... when Davao was opened to the world.”

She said that the Dutertes also paid back the late Cory Aquino when they supported her son former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III in the 2010 presidential elections.

“In 2010, Nagbayad kami ulit ke Cory, we assisted PNoy in the elections through the intercession of Roxas. Nobody can question tagatak pawis ko kakasigaw sa lahat ng stage sa Davao na iboto si Noynoy,” Sara said.

Sara then said she was only responding to the Yellows, or the members of the Liberal Party, when she lashed out at the three senators.

Noynoy Aquino ran under the Liberal Party, the subject of Duterte's criticisms and even accusations of destabilization.

“Ito lang ang argumento na kami na ang tumulong, kami pa magbayad sa mga Aquinos. Labo. Anyway, we paid by keeping quiet and focusing on Davao,” Sara said.

“Paano naging plastic at oportunista ang lumaban sa black propaganda? Tulad mo Doc, would I give you the light of day, if you did not ask the question? Of course not, pakialam ko ba sa conceit mo. To be fair, saludo ako dahil hindi ka nagtatago sa fake account,” she added.

Netizen @Simply_Clinton denied GMA News’ request for his full name. He also requested to blur his photo.

‘Pag ako natumba...’ 

In a tweet, he hinted that the presidential daughter should be blamed if something bad happens to him.

“Pag ako natumba na lang or nabaril, lam nyo na ha? She knows im an MD. She did her research,” he posted, along with screenshots of Sara’s Facebook post.  

As of 3:10 p.m., his tweet received 38 retweets, 73 likes, and 125 replies.

Asked for Sara’s side, Davao City Information Officer Jefry Tupas told GMA News Online that the mayor only responded to his question.

“He asked a question. The Mayor answered. In fact, the mayor offered an explanation. How is that taken as a threat?” Tupas said in a message.

He said @Simply_Clinton was quite transparent as regards his profession.

“I guess some people are quick to invent their own ghosts just as how they are quick to post something out in public. And of course, the mayor did her research — and I believe doc’s not discreet, his profile is also public,” Tupas said. —NB, GMA News