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Duterte says he fired Honeylet’s cousin

Not even a cousin of President Rodrigo Duterte’s common-law wife, Honeylet Avanceña, can get away with the chief executive’s disdain for corruption.

Duterte did not specify the name of the person, but he was apparently referring to Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor commissioner Melissa Aradanas whose middle name is Avanceña.

He earlier revealed that he fired PCUP officials for their unnecessary foreign trips and their failure to meet as a collegial body.

But Duterte denied that Aradanas’ former post was a case of nepotism.

“Forget it, we are not married. It does not apply… Only when you are married. At saka malayo na. Pero pati siya tinanggal ko. I told my wife, ‘You call your cousin... Alis na sila,’” he said on Tuesday night at the Christmas party he hosted for the Malacañang press.

According to PCUP, Aradanas was appointed as a commissioner in August 2016. But she has been working for the body since 1996. —KG, GMA News