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Alleged gunman in Fr. Nilo slay ‘a fall guy’ —lawyer

The lawyer of Adel Milan, who allegedly gunned down Fr. Richmond Nilo, released on Friday CCTV footage to prove that his client was about an hour’s drive away from the church where the crime took place.

The CCTV footage, taken at the T. Ador Dionisio National High School and a nearby convenience store in San Isidro town, showed a man that Atty. Larry Gadon claimed was Milan.

The lawyer believes his client is a fall guy.

Milan’s childhood friend, Nelson John Oreo, claimed he was with Milan from 4:00 to 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 10, when the priest was killed.

Oreo claimed they were working on a motorcycle outside the school, after which they had a few drinks at a nearby sari-sari store, and that other witnesses were willing to corroborate his story.

Milan’s cousin, Bernardo Matias, and grandmother, Elena Matias, denied that the suspect was a gun-for-hire. They said Milan didn’t even know how to handle a gun and had a broken wrist.

An altar boy at the church—where Fr. Nilo was about to say mass when he was gunned down—identified Milan as the gunman.

But Gadon pointed out that the color of the gunman’s shirt and motorcycle that the witness noted were different from his client’s.

He said he will study the possibility of filing charges against the policemen who arrested and detained Milan.

The suspect’s grandmother has narrated that seven men with no IDs and warrants, and were not in police uniform barged into their home on June 14, four days after the killing happened, and took Milan away.

Gadon is studying whether to sue the policemen for illegal detention since up to this day, no charges have been filed against Milan. —VDS, GMA News