Trillanes: Duterte needs to apologize with total sincerity

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Thursday added his voice to those calling for President Rodrigo Duterte to publicly apologize over his 'stupid' God remark.

In a statement, Trillanes said Malacañang is attempting to deceive the public once again.

"The issue is not about Duterte's freedom of expression or his freedom to choose his faith. The issue is about Duterte's gross disrespect and mockery of the Filipino Christians' faith," he said in a statement.

Trillanes was referring to the defense of presidential spokesperson Harry Roque that Duterte is entitled to his own spirituality amid the criticisms.

He added that Duterte created the controversy without any provocation so he must apologize sincerely.

"Duterte created this mess, unprovoked. For that, he needs to publicly apologize with total sincerity," he said.

A staunch Duterte critic, Trillanes said the President's tirade is wrong on so many levels and in all perspectives.


"It is simply indefensible. Duterte and his propaganda team must not be allowed to spin or twist this issue," he said.

He added that the Duterte administration should drop the gimmick of having a dialogue with the Catholic Church and religious groups.

"It will not mitigate the offense or assuage the offended emotions of the people," he said.

Sought for comment, Roque said he was no longer surprised by Trillanes' latest criticism.

"I think Senator Trillanes is entitled to his own opinion. I’m hardly surprised about this latest opinion. He’s had nothing good to say about the President. I think the feeling naman is mutual," the Palace spokesman said at a press briefing.

The Philippines for Jesus Movement, led by Bro. Eddie Villanueva, earlier asked Duterte to apologize publicly not only to them but to God.

But Roque dismissed the call, saying Duterte is entitled to his personal beliefs and even advised the Catholic Church not to be onion-skinned.  — with Virgil Lopez/RSJ, GMA News