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Faeldon’s appointment papers to BuCor signed, ready for release —Guevarra

The appointment papers of former Customs commissioner Nicanor Faeldon to the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) have already been signed by President Rodrigo Duterte and are ready for release, Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said Tuesday.

"Nicanor Faeldon's appointment papers as director general of the BuCor have been signed by the president and [are] ready for release by the executive secretary," Guevarra told reporters in a message. "Today is also the 113th anniversary of the BuCor."

However, the Justice chief said he was not sure when the documents will actually be released.

Faeldon had earlier belied Guevarra's statement that he had not "shown up or said anything" at the BuCor after his appointment was announced.

The former Marine captain's spokesperson and lawyer said last week that there can be no appointment until Faeldon receives a copy of official appointment papers.

This prompted Guevarra to clarify that the appointment itself had, at the time, not been executed yet.

The following day, he said Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala had signed her recommendation to Faeldon's designation to the bureau, as required by law.

The Bureau of Corrections Act of 2013 states that the Director General of Corrections is appointed by the president upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Justice, with proper endorsement by the chairman of the CSC.

Faeldon resigned from the BOC late last year following the controversy over the smuggling of billions of pesos worth of shabu from China. Months later, he was appointed deputy administrator of the Office of Civil Defense.

The Department of Justice cleared him of drug smuggling charges last year. — MDM, GMA News