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Illegal posters scattered all over Metro Manila, provinces

The campaign period for the 2019 elections officially began on Tuesday, but it looks like many of the candidates for local and national posts have yet to learn how to follow the rules.

According to Mark Salazar's report on "Balita Pilipinas Ngayon," many campaign posters and streamers across the country were either the wrong size or posted at the wrong places.

Some completely disregarded Commission on Elections (Coemlec) guidelines and did both, particularly candidates whose faces are on gigantic posters in Zamboanga City.

Posters in Quezon City were hanging from high-voltage electric pole wires in Barangay Batasan Hill while some were stuck on stoplights along Commonwealth Avenue.

Poster violations were spotted in Laoag City and Bacarra in Ilocos Norte, as well.

According to the Comelec, the size of the campaign poster should not be more than two feet by three feet, while streamers for rallies must not exceed three feet by eight feet in length.

Campaign materials are also prohibited when posted outside common poster areas, in public places or in private properties without the consent of the owner.

72 hours

Candidates have been reminded to immediately remove all prohibited forms of election propaganda at least 72 hours before the start of the campaign period.

Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez assured that measures are in place to monitor the candidates' compliance.

"Siguro by Friday a little past the actual grace period, magdo-document tayo sa mga major thoroughfares dito sa Metro Manila," he said.

The public was also urged to report illegal campaign materials, which may be done through the following:
Twitter: @comelec
Facebook: /COMELECPH

The sender should also describe how the campaign material violates Comelec guidelines, and say where the material is located.

Citizens may also take a photo of the material and post it on social media with the hashtag #SumbongSaComelec. —Margaret Claire Layug/ LDF, GMA News