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PNP to respect Senate decision on identifying ‘ninja cops’

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said it will respect the decision of the Senate if it decides to publicize the names of the policemen tagged as “ninja cops.”

In a statement released Tuesday night, the PNP said they will “let the ax fall where it may."

"We bow to the discretion of the Senate if it so desires to make public the names of PNP members whom it tags as “ninja cops,” the PNP said.

"We request, however, that the Senate exercise due dilligence in protecting the rights of these persons against undue persecution."

The PNP added that, "The PNP only has the best interest of justice, fairness and good governance in uncovering the truth behind the alleged involvement of cops in recycling drug evidence."

The Senate on Tuesday has authorized the Blue Ribbon and Justice committees to make public the information divulged by Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong during an executive session on the members of the Philippine National Police allegedly involved in drug recycling.

Senator Ronald Dela Rosa who made the motion, adding that divulging the contents of the executive session would be fair to those being alluded to. A total of 17 senators voted in favor of the motion.

On Tuesday morning, National Capital Region (NCR) chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar linked 16 ninja cops to a drug syndicate allegedly operating in Metro Manila.

Eleazar disclosed the information in a meeting with 44 heads of police drug enforcement units in the region amid allegations that ninja cops and drug recycling are weakening the administration’s efforts against illegal drugs.

The NCR police chief said that out of the 16 ninja cops, nine have been killed, two are now retired, two others have been dismissed from service, two went AWOL, and one is in jail. — BAP, GMA News

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