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Bono's 'soft message' to President Duterte: 'You can't compromise on human rights'

U2 frontman Bono, together with Senator Richard Gordon, and US Ambassador Sung Kim met with members of the press at the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Headquarters on Tuesday to launch PRC's partnership with drone delivery service Zipline.

Zipline aims to provide on demand and emergency blood deliveries via drone across the country, and its CEO Keller Rinaudo was with them, too. 



When GMA reporter Mariz Umali asked Bono for his opinion on the human rights situation in the country, the Irish frontman began by saying, "I think we're trying to make a difference here rather than make headlines."

But Bono quickly said, "I am a member of Amnesty International, I have been all my life, and I think human rights  are critical."

"My impression of the Philippines is very caring, very sophisticated people. I understand that when progress is made, sometimes people make what they think are compromises for that progress," he continued.



"And I would just say, you can't compromise on human rights. That's my soft message to President Duterte," Bono said.



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