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Experts from different countries join counterterrorism conference in Cebu


Delegates from different countries on Tuesday participated in a conference on counterterrorism in Cebu, according to a report by Mav Gonzales on GMA News TV’s Balitanghali.

Delegates from the Philippines, the US, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Bangladesh joined the Southeast Asia Regional Experts Exchange for Counterterrorism.

US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim led the conference. He thanked the Department of Justice and Secretary Menardo Guevarra for supporting the event and congratulated the country on its sustained efforts against human trafficking.



In his speech, Kim said the US learned, after the 9/11 terror attack, that cooperation and information sharing among countries is necessary.

Kim also urged the protection of judges, prosecutors, and investigators handling sensitive cases such as terrorism.

"Terrorism is a global threat that requires global solutions. No country can fight the battle against terrorists alone because terrorists recognize no orders and they honor no laws,” he said.

While money runs terrorist groups, Kim said, technology is their voice as they recruit members through communication apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber.

“Technological advances have allowed terrorist to extend their reach. Using Facebook and other social media, terrorists find further ground for recruiting,” Kim said.

“They use Whatsapp, Viber, and other texting and phone apps. Through these platforms, their propaganda and ideology can be quickly and effectively deployed and influence vulnerable youth,” he added.

The three-day conference will tackle security concerns at counter terrorism strategies particularly in Southeast Asia. — Joviland Rita/BM, GMA News