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DepEd to allow class suspensions due to COVID-19

The Department of Education (DepEd) on Wednesday said it will allow the suspension of classes in schools and areas where there are confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases.

In a memorandum, the department said regional and division heads, as well as school administrators, will be allowed to suspend classes if one school has one confirmed case of COVID-19.

Suspension of classes will also be allowed if two or more schools in one city or municipality have a confirmed case of COVID-19. The suspension in such instances may either be for the affected and adjacent schools only, or the entire city.

The DepEd also said classes in entire cities or provinces may also be suspended if there is already a confirmed community-level transmission of the virus.

“If there is a community-level transmission in two or more provinces, regional directors can declare suspension of classes in the affected provinces or, depending on the local situation, in the entire region,” it added.

Meanwhile, the department reiterated that all off-campus activities and all its national and regional events that require traveling remain suspended until further notice.

“DepEd will provide weekly advisory whether such suspension shall continue,” they said. — Julia Mari Ornedo/MDM, GMA News