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Chinese nationals flying in with huge cash wads have protectors –Gordon

Senator Richard Gordon on Saturday alleged that Chinese nationals who were flying in with millions of dollars in cold cash may have protectors or co-conspirators in the government.

"Hindi mangyayari 'yan na walang kakuntsaba 'yan sa mataas," Gordon said in a radio interview. "May protektor 'yan tulad nung tinatawag nating pastillas at handler."

On Friday, the senator revealed that 536,205 Chinese nationals entered the country from December 1 to February 20. 

Information from the Bureau of Customs also revealed that some of the Chinese nationals were carrying millions of dollars in cash.

The cash declared by the Chinese nationals totaled up to $188 million, based on data from the bureau.

The Chinese nationals said the money would be used for gambling, touring, or shopping.

The visitors were not barred from entering the country as the amount was declared and there was no law in the Philippines prohibiting the carrying of money, according to the report.

Gordon, meanwhile, said the large amount could be used for money laundering and the proliferation of crime in the country.

The senator added that he would call for a hearing on the matter in his capacity as the Chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

Gordon said Chinese nationals carrying huge amounts of cash was "highly suspicious." — Ted Cordero/DVM, GMA News