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Duterte warns hospitals that refuse COVID-19 patients will be prosecuted

President Rodrigo Duterte issued a stern warning to hospitals that they would face charges if they refuse to accept patients, including those carrying the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In a televised address late Monday, Duterte said that officials of government hospitals will face dismissal or suspension if proven that they reject any patient.

“Alam ninyo mali ‘yan, so ‘pag totoo ‘yan, I will really as the government prosecutors to prosecute you.  Alam nyo na hindi pwede ‘yan,” he said.

He ordered government hospitals to provide a makeshift room to attend to the sick.

“Lahat ng magkasakit – heart attack, appendicitis, pumutok ang utak – especially government hospital, my order is must accept admission.  You fail on that, I will relieve all of you in the hospital and you consider yourselves suspended because the written order will follow,” he said.

Duterte said reports reached him about a patient from the province who died after being refused admission by six hospitals. —LDF, GMA News