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Anti-terror bill still under review by legal team - Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte on late Monday evening said his legal team is still reviewing the bill seeking to strengthen the country’s anti-terrorism campaign.

In his nationally televised address, Duterte said he still has not received the opinion of his legal team on the controversial anti-terrorism bill, which he would have to sign before it becomes a law.

“My legal (team) is still reviewing it… Hindi ko pa natanggap. I had it reviewed. It’s always automatic. ‘Pag naano sa’kin, I endorse it to legal, without even reading it actually… It’s legal who will return it to me with the recommendation if I will approve it or not,” he said.

Earlier, Malacañang said Duterte is “inclined” to sign the anti-terrorism bill.

The bill, which seeks to replace the Human Security Act, the country’s existing law against terrorism, has drawn criticism because it allegedly contained provisions that may be used to stifle dissent.

They have also warned  against the up-to-24-day warrantless detention period for suspected terrorists and the alleged creation of an Anti-Terrorism Council, a body created under the law to authorize - in writing - the arrest of terrorism suspects.

Moreover, the bill also removes the existing P500,000 a day penalty on police officers who will detain suspects eventually acquitted of the crime. -- BAP, GMA News