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Isko: At least 4,000 people tested in Manila's drive-thru testing; 667 positive for COVID-19

At least 4,000 individuals have already been tested in Manila City's drive-thru testing for COVID-19, Mayor Isko Moreno said on Friday.

Of those tested, over 600 people were found to be positive for COVID-19, according to Moreno.

"Out of 4,000, we have 667 [who] turned positive as of yesterday," Moreno told ANC.

"Immediately you will be informed. If you turned negative or positive, you will be informed by the city that's why we get your details..." he added.

The city's drive-thru testing centers in Lawton and in Quirino Grandstand are free and open to everyone, and operate from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To sustain the city's testing efforts, Moreno said the city needs at least P2 million per day. He mentioned that Manila has been receiving donations outside the city to help their testing capacity.

"If we are going to maximize our machine because there's a load capacity, at least kakailanganin namin about P2 million a day, P60 million a month, and if there will be September Phase 3 approval through the ethics committee in Oxford University's way of finding the cure then we only need about P120 to P130 million," Moreno said.

The city government earlier said individuals without vehicles can instead go to the walk-in COVID-19 testing facility adjacent to the city's hospitals.

Testing there will also be free for Manila residents and non-Manila residents alike. — Anna Felicia Bajo/RSJ, GMA News