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LSIs at Rizal Memorial testing positive via rapid test now at least 20

The number of locally stranded individuals (LSIs) at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex whose rapid tests have produced positive results for the coronavirus disease 2019 have climbed to more than 20 on Tuesday.

According to Manny Vargas’ report on Super Radyo dzBB, Hatid Tulong program lead convenor Joseph Encabo said that they are expecting a further rise in positive results rapid testing continues.

LSIs flocked to the complex to avail of the government’s Hatid Tulong Program to bring them home to the provinces. Some LSIs also had to sleep on the streets outside after the stadium became full.

On Monday, eight or nine LSIs tested positive for their rapid tests for COVID-19.

Encabo said that there is an isolation area in the baseball and football field of the complex to separate those with exposure to LSIs who have tested positive.

He also clarified that the LSIs will still undergo a confirmatory test through another rapid test, an RT-PCR test, or a swab test, depending on the decision of the doctors.

LSIs who test positive anew will be brought to the Philippine International Convention Center while those with negative results will be allowed to travel.

Officials added that no LSI who did not pass testing will be allowed to leave as it is a requirement for a travel authority. — Joahna Lei Casilao/BM, GMA News