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Rizal Memorial Sports Complex closed for sanitation; 48 LSIs positive for COVID-19 via rapid tests

The Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, which hosted thousands of locally stranded individuals in the past few days, was closed on Thursday for sanitation and disinfection, according to a report by dzBB’s Isa Avendaño-Umali.

Umali said cleaning teams from the Manila City government have been deployed as trash riddled the stadium.



The report also said 48 LSIs tested positive for COVID-19 via rapid tests, citing information from Hatid Tulong Program lead convenor Assistant Secretary Joseph Encabo. These LSIs will have to undergo confirmatory swab tests.

The last batch of LSIs for the second phase of the program had already left Manila.

The program vowed to create a more systematic approach for the third phase of the program, which they planned to open in the last week of August or the first week of September. — Virgil Lopez/RSJ, GMA News