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OCTA to keep publicizing COVID-19 reports despite Roque's appeal

The University of the Philippines' OCTA Research Team will still publicize its data and recommendations about COVID-19 despite presidential spokesperson Harry Roque's appeal, a member said Wednesday.

Interviewed on Dobol B sa News TV on Wednesday, Prof. Ranjit Singh Rye said that the group deliberated the matter after receiving a phone call from Roque.

“Nagpulong ang grupo namin kahapon at napagkaisahan na itutuloy pa rin namin 'yung report namin,” Rye said.

“Unang-una, bagamat gusto talaga namin tumulong sa gobyerno sa kolektibong laban natin against COVID-19, eh ang accountability namin ay sa taumbayan,” he added.

On Tuesday, Roque appealed to experts studying the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines not to publicize their recommendations to the government on the possible quarantine measures.

As clarified by Roque, Rye noted that the suggestion of not publicizing their recommendation is only the spokesperson's personal opinion and not a Palace stand.

Rye underscored that the role of  OCTA Research is to educate the citizens to be aware and informed about the COVID-19 condition in the country.

Through their report, he said the public can make better decisions in protecting themselves, especially since citizens are now considered frontliners based on the strategy of the government to ease up restrictions for the economy.

“Siguro hindi lang na-appreciate the way we intended it to be appreciated, ‘yung aming recommendations,” Rye said.

For Rye, sharing recommendations of possible quarantine measures to the public will make citizens act responsibly in light of the threat of COVID-19.

“Yung mga kababayan natin sa lugar na ‘yun, nalalaman nila , ‘Ay ganito pala ang situwasyon sa ating lugar .’ So ‘yan na ho ang spirit ng aming paglilingkod dito,” he said. —KBK, GMA News