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Mom urges those involved in Christine Dacera's death to surrender

The mother of flight attendant Christine Dacera, Sharon Dacera, appealed to the individuals who were linked to her daughter's death to come forward and prove their innocence.

"Gusto ko lang manawagan. Lalo na sa mga taong involved doon sa aksidente na nangyari sa anak ko. Kung inosente kayo, lumabas kayo. Kung gusto niyo patunayan na wala kayong kasalanan, lumabas kayo," Sharon said at a press conference.

"Ganito lang 'yun eh, habang di po kayo lumalabas, di po namin hahayaan na panindigan na ni-rape niyo po ang anak ko," she added.

Brick Reyes, spokesman of the Dacera family, said they also wanted the Makati City Police to explain why one of three arrested over Christine's death had been released. Police earlier said nine others were still at large.

"One of the persons who should have been detained and investigated was allowed to be released. We were fortunate to have retained the other two but one was released by the Makati City Police department," Reyes said.

"We are trying to get an explanation why they were released and not properly investigated," he added.

Reyes also said they just wanted to find out the truth in the circumstances surrounding Christine's death. He said the family was convinced that Christine was sexually-abused and drugged.

"Sino ba talaga ang nag-sexually assault kay Christine? Sino ba talaga ang nag-spike ng drinks niya with drugs? Sino ba talaga ang immediate cause ng pagkamatay niya?" Reyes said.

"There are stories going on and I wish to refute this at this point in time that Christine was a loose person, in other words she was having relationships with different men and she was drunkard and that is the story that is circulating," he added.

According to Reyes, the family did not believe that Christine died solely due to a ruptured aortic aneurysm. He said the initial medical report on Christine's body did not include the injuries she had sustained.

"They say she died of natural causes, of ruptured aortic aneurysm, which appears in the certificate of death but which does not include all the injuries she sustained," Reyes said.

"Maybe the aortic aneurysm was a proximate cause but it is also very possible that this could have been triggered by the assault on Christine prior to her death... One is that drugs were used on Christine and she was abused prior to her death," he added.

One of the family's lawyers, Paolo Tuliao, said they had sought another post mortem report from another independent medico-legal regarding Christine's death.

Meanwhile, another lawyer, Jose Ledda III, reacted to several social media posts that claimed Christine's friends, who were members of the LGBTQ community, were being wrongly-blamed for the flight attendant's death.

"Ang picture kasi sa Facebook, sa social media, LGBTQ community 'yung tinitira ng pulis, LGBTQ community 'yung tinitira ng party ng biktima. Siguro ho magiging napaka-insensitive at magiging selfish natin kung fine-frame natin sa ganitong picture ang kabuuan ng kasong ito," Ledda said.

He stressed that the issue here was rape.

"Don't ever blame a girl, pag gising niya binaboy siya. Don't ever blame a girl pag nagising siya, wala siyang damit. Don't ever blame a girl, pag namatay siya," he said.

"Sige, kung consensual 'yan, kung kusa 'yan, bakit wala si Christine ngayon para sagutin 'yan?" Ledda added. — DVM, GMA News