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Roque: Duterte's cursing normal for elderly people like him, not bad for kids

President Rodrigo Duterte’s penchant for cursing at critics is normal for elderly people like him and does not make him a bad example for children, according to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque Jr.

Roque was responding to a query if the President’s unabated cursing, including at women, would raise a generation of children who would see hurling expletives as normal.

“Ay hindi naman po. Kasi alam naman po nila na Presidente naman ‘yun, 76 years old, hindi na puwede magbago (No, that is not the case. They know that it is the President, who is 76 years old and can no longer change),” Roque told GMA News’ The Mangahas Interviews.

Roque argued that old people having a habit of cursing is deeply ingrained in Filipino culture.

“Sa totoo lang, ganyan naman po ang kultura ng mga Pilipino sa mga matatanda. ‘Yung ating henerasyon lang naman ang hindi nagmumura eh (In truth, that habit of cursing is part of Filipino elderly’s culture, and it only ended in our generation),” Roque added.

Further, Roque said that he knows from experience that a public prosecutor like the President speaks that way since he was raised by a parent who was also a prosecutor.

“Pare-pareho sila mag-isip, pare-pareho sila magsalita. Lahat sila ganyan (They think the same way and talk the same way. All off them),” he added. -MDM, GMA News