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DOH explains delay in reporting new COVID-19 deaths

Technical issues prevented the Department of Health (DOH) from updating the public on new deaths due to COVID-19 for three consecutive days, an official said Tuesday.

In an online briefing, DOH Epidemiology Bureau director Dr. Alethea De Guzman said the server of the COVIDKaya system went down from September 23 to 26, thus the delay in the encoding and validation process of deaths.

The downtime also resulted in rejected data pushed from the COVID Document Repository System (CDRS), the COVIDKaya user interface being inaccessible to the end users either to encode new cases or update existing ones, and the inability to extract updated data for linelist generation.

She said the downtime was due to the limited server capacity of COVIDKaya to handle, receive, and process bulk data pushed from the CDRS.

De Guzman said the DOH was still able to give daily updates on the case numbers (except deaths) by manually extracting data from the CDRS.

“We have separate access to the CDRS,” she said.

On Monday, the DOH reported 93 new fatalities, raising the death toll to 37,494.

Backlog deaths will be disclosed in separate advisories, the DOH said.

De Guzman said the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is working on long-term and sustainable solutions to prevent future disruptions to the COVIDKaya system. — RSJ, GMA News