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May 1 not covered by ‘holiday economics’

MANILA, Philippines - The Labor Day, unlike other regular and special non-working holidays, will be exempted from the "holiday economics" and will still be celebrated on May 1, a presidential proclamation said. Proclamation No. 1463 states that the Labor Day will still be observed on its exact date on May 1, which falls on a Thursday. The Labor Day commemoration remains unmoved since it is seen as a "long cherished tradition of workers, a holiday which trade unions fought very hard to institutionalize in the country and an international event that workers want to celebrate on its exact date." The holiday economics was devised to cluster a regular non-working holiday with weekends to give workers a longer vacation. Based on this scheme, the observance of all non-working holidays would be moved to the nearest Monday of the week. Such a holiday measure, the government said, could help boost tourism in the country as it buys laborers more time to go out and explore various sites in the country. Covered by the holiday economics are: the Independence Day (June 12), which will be celebrated three days earlier on June 9; the Bonifacio Day (November 30), to be celebrated the next day on December 1; and the Ninoy Aquino Day (August 21) in August 18. All other regular and special non-working holidays will remain unmoved. - Mark Merueñas, GMANews.TV