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MMDA defends 'pink' as traffic enforcement standard

MANILA, Philippines - Chairman Bayani Fernando of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Monday challenged his detractors to present evidence showing that the color "pink" should not be included in the international standard to enforce traffic management policies. With the exception of the red, green and yellow traffic lights, Fernando insisted that there are no color barriers involved in traffic directing rules, saying that other cities worldwide have used other colors to guide motorists and pedestrians. Fernando made the statement in reaction to the comments of ParaƱaque Representative Roilo Golez who have repeatedly criticized the agency's choice of "pink and blue" in the enforcement of traffic regulations in Metro Manila. Golez has also called for a lifestyle check on MMDA officials amid allegations that several of them are living beyond their means. Fernando remained firm on his stance choosing to stick it out with his color preference, insisting that the unique shades have attracted the most attention needed to get the focus and attention of road users. "In other countries we have seen them use other colors to indicate certain traffic rules. But in all my travels abroad I have never seen the color violet used for traffic management purposes since I believe that this hue is commonly used during moments of mourning, grief and bereavement," Fernando added. Angelito Vergel de Dios, MMDA Traffic Operations Center executive director, wondered what all the fuzz was all about stressing that the color "pink" simply signifies rules pertaining to human beings. De Dios noted that the color "pink" has been an effective tool for the agency since in the local setting road users rarely read traffic signs adding that the color is attractive enough to catch the attention of the pedestrians and motorists. "The color 'pink' arouses curiosity that allows pedestrians and other road users to focus on the signages to get the grasp of regular and unique message stated on the informative or directional signs," de Dios said. Fernando said it will not come as a surprise if in the future other countries even those included in the progressive list will adapt some of the MMDA's local traffic innovations like the use of the color "pink." MMDA General Manager Robert Nacianceno countered that the complaint against the pink hue is justifiable if the grievance was made during the early part of its inception to the traffic policies. He added that by this time the public should have been generally accustomed to the color scheme since it has long been used in the agency's traffic management regulations for motorists, pedestrians and other road users. "The complaint is very untimely. I would understand that if these were made during the early parts of its implementation," Nacianceno added. - Sun.Star