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Clinically dead Pinay in Kuwait hospital returns to life after baby is born

In what doctors termed a "scientific miracle," a Filipina mother who was deemed clinically dead came back to life after giving birth to a boy in Kuwait, two days before Mother's Day. The drama took place at the Al-Farwaniya Hospital, according to a report by Kuwait's state-run Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). "The woman and her baby are now in stable condition," KUNA quoted Dr. Mohammad Hassan, who sponsored the operation, as saying. KUNA reported the 36-year-old Filipina was admitted to the hospital at 3:30 a.m. Friday and had to undergo a Caesarean section. "As soon as the woman was first checked up, she was declared clinically dead, thereby the maternity division of the hospital was put on the alert for a Caesarean," said Hassan. Hospital director Dr. Humoud Al-Zo'abi told KUNA Saturday that the woman "entered in clinical death with neither heartbeat nor breathing." "Physicians battled to rescue her life until their effort proved successful," he said. He added what happened was "a scientific miracle," but also noted the woman's poor health, as she suffers from very high blood pressure. Scientific miracle A separate report on Gulf News quoted doctors at the hospital as saying what happened was "a scientific miracle at all levels.” It added the medics had around five minutes to deliver the child, which weighed 3.1 kilos. “A healthy 3.1-kg boy was born simultaneously with his mother’s resuscitation,” Hassan, who supervised the operation, was quoted by Gulf News as saying. “This is a scientific miracle at all levels. As soon as the woman was checked and declared clinically dead, the maternity division of the hospital was put on alert for a Caesarean. The woman and her baby are now in stable condition,” he added. The Gulf News report said the C-section was performed without anaesthesia as the mother was considered dead. Medics at the hospital said they were grateful for the success of the delivery of the baby and the resuscitation of the mother. — BM, GMA News
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