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British lawyer to run 500km for Pinay maid's cancer-stricken son

A Singapore-based British lawyer is set to run 500km to raise funds for the medication of her Filipina maid's son, who has bone cancer, a report on Straits Times said.

The report said Isabelle Claisse will run 17km to and from work every day and add extra distances on weekends to reach her target distance by the end of the month.

To benefit from Claisse's endeavor is Dave Caba, her maid Mariza's 11-year-old son who is in the Philippines.


The report said Caba has already undergone two operations to replace a cancerous bone in his leg with an implant. Apart from that, he has also completed chemotherapy.

To fund these procedures, Claisse shaved her head to raise nearly $63,000 early this year.

However, Caba contracted an infection in his leg and has to undergo another procedure. He will also need to be put on IV antibiotics that cost $200 a day, for six weeks, in addition to hospitalization bills.

"Although he has made tremendous progress, Dave is still in the process of recovery," Claisse said on "He will need continuing medical care on a long term basis to support his physical rehabilitation and ensure that the disease does not recur."

Claisse is appealing to people and corporations to sponsor her for every kilometer that she runs.

"In the month of July I will be running 500 kilometers to raise funds for Dave Caba's medical treatment. Please help me by donating or by running yourself!" she said on Facebook.

She also hopes to inspire other people to pledge to run distances. —KBK, GMA News