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Fil-Ams number one Trump supporters among Asian-Americans –poll

Among Asian Americans, Filipinos have the largest percentage of registered voters supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump for US president, a recent survey shows.

Based on the results of the National Asian American Survey released October 5, 27 percent of Filipino-American participants were for Trump, followed by Japanese-Americans (22 percent) and Vietnamese-Americans (20 percent).

On the other hand, at 7 percent, Asian Indians have the smallest percentage of registered voters supporting the Republican candidate.

The survey also showed 57 percent of Fil-Ams prefer Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, over Trump, while 6 percent would vote for the "other candidate," and 10 percent did not know who to vote or refused to identify their candidate.

Trump on immigration

Trump, a 70-year-old mogul who has portrayed himself as tough on national security, launched his presidential campaign with his vow to build a wall on the US-Mexican border.

He also said he would prioritize the deportation of illegal aliens who have committed crimes and who are overstaying in the US. He also once proposed to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US.

Interestingly, the same survey showed a large percentage of Filipinos, or 65 percent, oppose the proposed ban on Muslims.

However, the survey also shows Fil-Ams have the largest percentage who oppose giving Blacks equal rights as Whites (22 percent), and largest percentage of opposing entry of Syrian refugees (41 percent).


Fil-Am Psychology professor EJR David said it is not surprising that many Filipinos are anti-immigration and anti-People with color.

In his August 6 article on Psychology Today titled  "A Brief Note on Immigration, Colonial Mentality, and Kapwa," David said this could be chalked up to "colonial mentality."

"Colonialism and contemporary oppression has taught us that the United States of America is utopia, that White is right, that West is best, and that Christianization is civilization," he said.

David said he found out through research that colonial mentality could also be expressed by a desire to "separate one’s self from others who are perceived as inferior." — KBK, GMA News