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Student drowns while trying to take selfie at Ilocos beach

A beach outing turned tragic for a group of students at a beach in Ilocos Norte after one of them was killed during a selfie attempt that went awry.
The incident occurred in Bangui in Ilocos Norte, according to a report by GMA Ilocos.
Hazel Diaz, a member of the group, said she was about to join the selfie shot with eight friends when a big wave hit and washed them to sea.
A concerned citizen saw what happened and notified police, who with barangay officials launched a rescue operation.
The nine students were brought to a hospital but one of them, initially identified as Chezka Agas, was declared dead on arrival.
Two of the students are still recovering at the hospital after nearly drowning, while the six others have recovered.
Investigation showed the students came from a birthday party and agreed to take a selfie at the beach. — Joel Locsin/JST, GMA News
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