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Dolphin found off Cebu may have died from dynamite fishing

A dead spinner dolphin was found off Caubian Island in Cebu Wednesday, with authorities suspecting dynamite fishing in the area as a possible cause of death.

Local fishermen said the dolphin was already lifeless when it got caught in their net, GMA Cebu's Vic Serna reported Thursday.

The dolphin was 1.5 meters long and was categorized as sub-adult.

A necropsy by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 7 showed the dolphin had no external injuries but Dr. Jennefe Cabarrubias said it is possible that the dolphin got dizzy from the explosion of dynamite.

Dynamite fishing is believed to be rampant in the Caubian area, the report said.

Authorities are going to question the fishermen who found the dolphin further. — Joel Locsin/JDS, GMA News