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Jealous vice mayor’s wife attacks lawyer with baseball bat in Cebu

The wife of a vice mayor of Cebu province is now in the middle of a controversy after she allegedly engaged a lawyer in a car chase before attacking her with a baseball bat in Cebu City last week.
The wife of Ronda Vice Mayor Jonah Ungab is also facing charges for the alleged assault on Jiecel Tiu, GMA Cebu's Bexmae Jumao-as reported Monday.
Police said Pearl Ungab had  accused Tiu of having an affair with her husband, the vice mayor, according to a separate report by GMA Cebu's Vic Serna.
The chase involving Pearl's black vehicle and Tiu's car occurred past 5 p.m. of Feb. 26, a barangay watchman told GMA News.
Pearl's vehicle allegedly hit the car repeatedly, the watchman said.
Authorities are reviewing closed-circuit television footage of the incident, even as the lawyer's heavily damaged car was brought to the City Traffic Management Office.
On the other hand, police are lifting fingerprints from a baseball bat reportedly recovered from Pearl.

Pearl was placed under hospital arrest as she was pregnant.
Frustated murder
A separate report by GMA Cebu said Pearl was now facing frustrated murder charges Tiu filed before the City Prosecutor's Office.

Tiu's witness Aniceto Limpag said Pearl was driving a pick-up and repeatedly hit Tiu's sedan on D. Jakosalem Street in Barangay Cogon Ramos.
Pearl also allegedly hit the sedan with a baseball bat. Tiu herself sustained bruises supposedly after being hit by the baseball bat. —Joel Locsin/NB, GMA News