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Twin brothers stabbed to death in San Mateo, Rizal; elder brother is prime suspect

Twin brothers Mark and Ryan Raviza were found stabbed to death in the living room of their house in Tierra Monte subdivision in San Mateo, Rizal on Sunday morning.
EJ Raviza, the twins' elder brother, said that he was sleeping when the crime happened and that he found his brothers dead when he woke up in the morning.
He also said that the assailants were thieves who tried to rob them but failed, pointing out that their television set was found in their garage. 
San Mateo police, however found no signs of forced entry. There was also nothing else missing from the house. The police now consider Raviza their prime suspect.
Supt. Ruben Piquero, San Mateo police chief, told GMA News that Raviza admitted to the crime during interrogation.
He said that the suspect felt neglected by their parents, whom he said favored the twins. Raviza also told police where to find the murder weapon, a kitchen knife. The knife still had traces of blood on it when recovered by police. 
Piquero clarified that although Raviza's's confession led to police finding the murder weapon and learning the motive for the crime, it is inadmissible in court unless repeated in the presence of legal counsel.
The police also suspect that Raviza was high on methamphehamine hydrochloride, or shabu, when he allegedly killed his brothers.
Relatives cannot believe what happened, saying the three usually got along well together. An aunt, Yolly Santos, said the brothers even worked together to make the recent Mother's Day a special one for their mother.
She added the twins' deaths are especially tragic since both were consistent honor students and had just graduated with honors. 
Their parents, who are in Ilocos, have been notified of their deaths and were heading to a funeral parlor in Antipolo as of this post. — JDS, GMA News