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Lolas nabbed for assault in Kidapawan seek help in posting bail



A pair of elderly women who were arrested by police following the violent dispersal of a farmers' rally last week are asking for financial help so they could post bail for the direct assault charges filed against them.

GMA News' Saleema Refran returned to the Department of Social Welfare and Development facility where the senior citizens were detained but were no longer allowed inside to interview those facing charges.

The elderly women, however, approached the fence so they could air their resquest for assistance. They include Lola Valentina, 78; and Lola Jovita, 65.

During the Senate hearing conducted at the University of Southern Philippines in Davao City on Thursday , Human Rights Commissioner Gwendolyn Pimentel-Gana confirmed "disturbing findings" in the  initial investigation they conducted.

The CHR found in its initial investigation that pregnant women and the elderly were among those detained by the police.

“We have observed that a lot of senior citizens have indeed been picked up, both women and men. There are questions whether they are even directly involved or the ones who committed the direct assault,” Gana said.

Gana said the CHR will furnish the Senate committee a copy of their full report within two weeks.

She also appealed to the PNP to review the individual cases of those arrested.

“I am appealing to the PNP to please individually review their cases and see if there are indeed evidence against these people,” Pimentel-Gana said.

During the hearing, PNP Region 12 legal officer Adrian Gan said the PNP has filed direct assault charges against the protesters before the City Prosecutor's Office, which found probable cause to forward the cases for trial.

"We have already filed 81 cases before the City Prosecutor's Office and filed on Sunday," he said. —NB/JST, GMA News