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Tarlac cop who shot neighbors to death pleads not guilty to murder

Jonel Nuezca, the cop who was caught on video fatally shooting his neighbors Sonya Rufino Gregorio and her son Frank Anthony during a heated argument in Paniqui, Tarlac in December, pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

A report released by Police Regional Office 3 Director Valeriano de Leon said on Sunday that Nuezca pleaded not guilty during the arraignment and pre-trial conducted on January 7, even after he was caught on video shooting and killing his neighbors in broad daylight.

Nuezca was represented by Atty. Rolando Gragasin of the Public Attorney's Office (PAO)-Paniqui as counsel, with the next hearing on the matter scheduled on February 4, 2021.

Nuezca faced double murder charges.

The police officer is no stranger to administrative cases. Last month he was demoted one rank over a case in 2014 when he was reported to have extorted money from a tricycle driver and a passenger when he was still assigned in Taguig.

He also faced a grave misconduct case in May 2019, and a homicide case in December 2019. But both were dismissed due to lack of substantial evidence.

Nuezca was also slapped with a serious neglect of duty charge after he failed to attend a court hearing as a prosecution witness in a drug case in 2016. The case was dropped and closed.

A less grave neglect of duty charge was also filed against Nuezca in April 2014 for refusing to take a drug test. Records show that he left the testing area without permission from authorities, prompting him to be penalized with a 31-day suspension.

Before this, Nuezca faced an administrative case for grave misconduct in 2013, but the case was likewise dropped and closed. — DVM, GMA News