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Worldwide COVID-19 cases cross 50.74 million, death toll at 1,260,738

More than 50.74 million people have been reported to be infected by the novel coronavirus globally and 1,260,738? have died, according to a Reuters tally.

Infections have been reported in more than 210 countries and territories since the first cases were identified in China in December 2019.

The top five countries with the most number of cases are:

  1. United States - 237,762 deaths out of 10,014,390 cases
  2. India - 127,059 deaths out of 8,591,730 cases
  3. Brazil- 162,269 deaths out of 5,653,561 cases
  4. France - 40,987 deaths out of 1,807,479 cases
  5. Russia - 30,793 deaths out of 1,796,132 cases

In the Philippines, the total COVID-19 cases rose to 399,749 on Tuesday, with 361,919 total recoveries and 7,661 total deaths. -Reuters with GMA News