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Top 10 Revelations from Cristina Ponce Enrile about Senator JPE

Unlike other political spouses who seem to relish the limelight, Cristina Ponce Enrile has remained low profile for years. In a rare TV appearance, she granted GMA News TV program “Bawal ang Pasaway” an exclusive interview, in which she revealed how it is being wife to one of the country’s most historical figures.

Here are 10 revelations from that interview.

10. She keeps a list of all the affairs JPE had.

Mrs. Enrile claims that in their 56 years of marriage, JPE has had 38 affairs. This puts JPE in the league of extraordinary gentlemen in public service, known not only for their track record but also for, well, being prolific when it comes to their relationships.

9. She has a name for each of the 38 women...

You think only JPE and his women can have all the fun? Cristina Ponce Enrile amuses herself by coming up with different names for each of the 38 women with whom she says her husband has had affairs. We wonder if the names “Sexy” and “Tanda” are on that list, too.

8. ...and she was friends with some of them, too.

If you know someone who is female and is a close friend of the Enrile couple, please let us know. Mrs. Enrile says some of the women on her list were her close friends, and as she and Johnny got older, some of her friends’ daughters also got added to the list. Talk about bridging generations.

7. She once went to a mistress’ house and fired a gun.

She might be a very religious woman (she once served as Philippine ambassador to the Vatican and had her own chapel built inside the Enrile compound), but pray to God you don’t come across a gun­-toting Cristina Ponce Enrile. One time she was so enraged that she packed a gun and fearlessly shot at the house of her husband’s lover.

6. She’s also thrown plates at her husband...

Why stop at firing shots when you can also throw plates at your husband? Mrs. Enrile once got so frighteningly mad that she threw plates at JPE. And mind you, if you’re someone as rich as the Enriles, the plates won’t be as cheap as those we throw at a restaurant’s wall to relieve stress. Tacsiyapo!

5. …and a plant in a pot, too!

Some women get so pumped up with adrenaline when they’re angry, they do things they never thought they would. In Cristina Ponce Enrile’s case, she once hurled a potted plant at his desk. Who knew we didn’t need to wait for 2010 to play plants versus zombies?

4. She only met Gigi Reyes once. And it wasn’t nice.

Gigi Reyes served as her husband’s chief of staff for decades. Some described her as the keeper of Juan Ponce Enrile’s secrets. But Mrs. Enrile says she only met Gigi once, and that the meeting wasn’t nice. Cristina may have channeled classic Pinoy teleserye scenes when the confrontation finally happened.

3. After Affair #38, Cristina asked for a divorce.

For so many years, she had to live with her husband’s affairs. At the end of the day, she’s still the legal wife. However, when she found out about the Gigi Reyes affair, Cristina Ponce Enrile realized she’d finally had it. She went to the United States to process their divorce papers, only to come back to an adamant husband who wouldn’t give her a divorce. Now we’re really convinced JPE might have partially inspired the character of Walter White.

2. JPE has moved out and has his own house.

Well, not really — but yes, the senator has his own house inside their compound. Cristina says it started after Jack, their son, moved out of his house in their compound. JPE has since moved in, bringing his huge collection of books with him. Mrs. Enrile says she just didn’t want the sight of books all over her home, which was why she asked JPE to bring them to the empty house. This just goes to show that no matter how influential you can get, when your wife tells you you’re "outside the kulambo," you’re out.

And the top revelation from Mrs. Enrile about her relationship with her husband is…

1. JPE is back at the dinner table.

Things may have been rough, but yes, they’ve kissed and made up. In fact, whenever his schedule permits, Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ponce Enrile have dinner together. He’s back at the dinner table and as long as #39 remains empty on Cristina's list, he can look forward to more dinners to come.—Irvin Cortez/PF/CM, GMA News