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Creating atheists: An interview with Peter Boghossian

Red Tani
In this video, Red Tani of the Filipino Freethinkers interviews author Peter Boghossian about his book “A Manual for Creating Atheists.”
Mr. Boghossian is an American philosophy instructor, author, and speaker at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. 
They talk about Street Epistemology, Boghossian's suggested method for performing interventions on people infected with the "faith virus," and the practical and ethical differences between proselytizing with faith and disabusing people of their faith. — KDM, GMA News 

Red Tani is the president of The Filipino Freethinkers, the largest and most active organization for "freethought" in the Philippines. This interview originally appeared on the FF site. We are re-posting it here with permission.