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Kuwaiti blogger: Attack on my views on OFW rights is attack on Islam, Kuwait

Kuwaiti Instagram influencer Sondos al-Qattan continued refusing to apologize for her complaints on OFW rights, saying that criticisms against her were an attack on Islam, Hijabis like herself, and her country.

As reported by news site Arabian Business, al-Qattan lamented how there seemed to be more outrage over her remarks than over the humanitarian crisis in other Gulf countries while remarking that the attacks was a "foreign media campaign" against her.

She also threatened to expose brands who choose to severe ties with her over her remarks to her Instagram followers for boycotting purposes.

The video in which al-Qattan made these remarks could no longer be accessed after she put her Twitter account on private.

In another post on Instagram, the Kuwaiti blogger denied ever harming her employees but insisted that employers like her should be allowed to keep their house help's passport to "protect the employer's interest."

The social media influencer later doubled down on her defense as she refused to apologize for complaining about a new Kuwaiti law allowing OFWs to keep their passports and take one day off every week.

Al-Qattan was dropped by several beauty brands including Max Factor Arabia, French perfume brand M. Micallef, and London-based Chelsea Beautique for her comments on the new rules promoting the well-being of Filipino workers in Kuwait.

Emirati columnist and social commentator Khalid Al Ameri joined several other voices in slamming al-Qattan for her comments on the new rules, which also required seven hours of sleep daily for Filipino workers.

Pro-OFW groups Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Migrante International called for her blacklisting with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency. — MDM, GMA News