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Bulacan farmer’s son headed to Harvard, cop’s daughter off to Columbia

Two scholars of the International School Manila are bound for fully funded study at Ivy League schools.

One of them is Romnick Blanco, a farmer's son who has been admitted to Harvard University in Massachusetts, US, on full scholarship.

Blanco, seventh of nine kids, used to walk two hours every day to attend school in Sierra Madre, Bulacan, where his father, Renato, works as a vegetable and rice farmer.

His Harvard scholarship will cover tuition, accommodation, flights, and even wardrobe.

Meanwhile, Jessica Cuadro, daughter of a policeman, will be attending Columbia University in New York, also on full scholarship.

Jessica Cuadro and Romnick Blanco are heading to Ivy League schools. Photo: International School Manila

Blanco and Cuadro are among the 13 graduating students of ISM who are headed to Ivy League schools. — Rose-An Jessica Dioquino/BM, GMA News