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Fil-Am wins $50K in Maryland lottery using last week’s 6/58 Ultra Lotto winning numbers

Five numbers somehow turned out to be a winning combination for two lottery draws half a world away from each other within one week.

Edgar Antido, a Filipino-American butcher in Fort Washington, Maryland, decided to use five of the six numbers in last week's 6/58 Ultra Lotto to try his luck in the state's $50,000 Bonus Match 5 game.

And he won.

In an interview with Maryland Lottery, Antido said that he still keeps track of the draws in the Philippines, as he is an avid bettor of lottery games.

“I watched the drawing from October 9 for Ultra Lotto and decided to use those same numbers to play Bonus Match 5,” he said.

The winning 6/58 Ultra Lotto numbers on October 9 were 12, 16, 46, 03, 38, and 36.

Nobody picked those numbers to win the jackpot last week.

However, two lucky people picked the winning numbers for the October 14 draw and will split the record P1.180-billion pot between them, minus 20 percent in taxes.

Antido decided to play Bonus Match 5 using the exact combination but skipped 46, as only five numbers were required.

Amazingly, he chose the right number to remove.

The lucky gamester admitted he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the winning numbers.

“I was so shocked, I couldn’t sleep,” he told Maryland Lottery.

The grand prize, equivalent to around P2.7 million, will be spent by the lucky winner on a windfall vacation. The remainder will go straight to his savings in the bank. — Dona Magsino/BM, GMA News