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PNoy third most-liked politician on Facebook

The Filipino online community on Facebook has shown massive support for President Noynoy Aquino, making him the third most-"liked" politician in the world on Facebook even as the chief executive himself admitted that he will not directly use social media. Based on the number of fans for all Fanpages under the "Politicians" category on Facebook, Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III (with over 1.61 million fans as of today, July 7) is bested only by US President Barack Obama (with just over 10 million fans) and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (just under 1.8 million fans), according to data compiled independently by web traffic watchers PageData and Interestingly, Aquino even surpassed US First Lady Michelle Obama (1.5 million fans). The only other Filipino with over a million fans is Manny Villar (1.4 million). Pound-for-pound comparative analysis Pound-for-pound, however, the Philippines has more online citizens rallying behind its president than does the US, based on data. Just over 11 percent of all 14.6 million Filipino Facebook users "Liked" Noynoy's fanpage, as opposed to just under 8 percent or 10 million of all 125.88 million Americans who "Liked" Barack Obama. Furthermore, data from shows that President Aquino's Fanpage saw a sharp increase in the rate of new fans added per day, beginning around the start of July —just after his inauguration on June 30: Gov't to use social media more In a press conference earlier today, President Aquino said that social media like Facebook and Twitter will continue to play an important role in his administration —although he himself admitted that he won't be using social media personally. In particular, Aquino said that the Department of Finance (DOF) will use social media to receive reports on smuggling and evasion. He also added that social media will be used to set up "feedback mechanisms." "I ask citizens to help us govern. (Social media) will undoubtedly help the communication process, to get timely and useful information (and) to channel the people's sense of duty," Aquino said. 'I won't use (social media) directly' -PNoy However, when asked if he will be utilizing Facebook or Twitter himself, Aquino admitted that he would not be able to do so, but promised to have a direct line with his staff in charge of social media. "I will have staff who will be talking directly to me," Aquino assured. - GMANews.TV