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Steve Jobs Day on Oct 16, California declares

To honor the late Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, California Governor Jerry Brown has declared Sunday, Oct. 16, "Steve Jobs Day." California Governor Jerry Brown made the announcement in his Twitter account, a week after Jobs succumbed to cancer at age 56. "This Sunday will be Steve Jobs Day in the State of California," Brown tweeted early Saturday (Manila time). But the announcement was met with side comments from netizens who indicated Brown should work on employment opportunities in the state. "This Sunday will be Steve Jobs Day in the State of California... And NO Jobs day everywhere else," said one commenter. California hosts the headquarters of Apple Inc., which Jobs brought to prominence with inventions ranging from the Apple II to the Macintosh to the iPod, iPhone and iPad. A separate article on The Next Web said Apple will also hold a memorial service on Sunday where the luminaries of Silicon Valley along with a few tech elite are being invited to celebrate the life of Jobs. It quoted an Apple spokesperson as saying this will be a private service, similar to the event being held only three days later for internal Apple employees only in Cupertino. "This new holiday, however, is perhaps a way for everyone to join in together on both mourning the loss of a man some have compared to Einstein and Henry Ford, as well as celebrating the amazing life he’s lived whether they’ve personally known him or not. We’ve seen how his death affected the world, cried alongside others while attempting to honor him in what little way we can, and even come face to face with those who have felt as great a loss as we have," it said. "While the world attempts to move on, the holiday will hopefully serve as a quiet reminder that Steve Jobs lived and lead by example," it added. — TJD, GMA News