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Design for new supersonic plane cuts down 8-hour flight to 80 minutes

A concept design has been revealed for a new supersonic plane that would cut down the usual eight-hour London to New York flight to just 80 minutes.

Called the Hyper Sting, the plane can fly up to 4,000 kilometers per hour, or three times faster than the speed of sound.

This is two times faster than the Concorde in 1996, which holds the record for the fastest Atlantic crossing at two hours and 52 minutes.

"Concorde was a brilliant piece of machinery... but it put too much emissions in the environment... and was to expensive to operate," said designer Viñals.

A cold fusion nuclear reactor will power the Hyper Sting's two ramjet engines and four next-gen hybrid turbojets.

The plane is designed to carry 170 passengers. It is 100 feet longer than Concorde and also has a wider wing span.

"Supersonic flights will return... the date of a possible production would be over 2030 and the cost would not be cheap," Viñals said.

—MGP, GMA News