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MIT engineers develop sticker device that can produce ultrasound images

Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented a sticker that can be placed on a person's skin, produce ultrasound images, and ultimately, help monitor people's health and diagnose diseases.

The ultrasound sticker is tiny and square-shaped and can be placed on a person's arm. The device can capture high-resolution videos within 48 hours.

It monitors the internal organs of the person wearing the sticker.

This is made possible by transducers, which are units that transform electrical power to become sound waves with higher frequencies.

The transducer is then placed on an adhesive that is made of rubber-like elastomer. The elastomer helps make sure that the sticker can be removed from the person's skin, and it keeps the hydrogel from drying up.

The hydrogel is essential for the ultrasound imaging.

Currently, the sticker needs to be connected to a device for imaging purposes, but they are working on developing a wireless version so patients can do this at home.

—Kimberly Tsao/MGP, GMA Integrated News