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Apple loses Siri co-creator

Apple Inc. may have lost an engineer who helped create the Siri voice-recognition software that has since been incorporated into its iPhone 4S.
Bloomberg cited three people familiar with the matter who said Adam Cheyer is no longer working for the tech giant's mobile software group.
"The departure is at least the second among Siri’s founding team since Apple bought the company in April 2010 and follows the departure of Chief Executive Officer Dag Kittlaus last year," Bloomberg said.
It said Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet declined to comment on Cheyer’s reported departure.
Siri has been one of the iPhone's most popular features, though some users have criticized it for its occasional glitches.
Bloomberg also noted Apple announced last June partnerships with carmakers such as General Motors, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz to integrate Siri into automobiles. — TJD, GMA News