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Nokia phablet in the works?

Could a phablet (phone-tablet) give phone maker Nokia that much-needed boost for its smartphone business?
A report on The Financial Times cited people with knowledge of Nokia's plans as saying the phablet will have more advanced specifications than Samsung’s Galaxy Note.
"This will be the Finnish group’s first move with Lumia into the larger screened mobile smart devices market, where rivals such as Apple and Samsung have already established a dominant position," it said.
Nokia's Lumia line uses Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system - which is dwarfed by Apple's iOS and Samsung, which uses Google's Android.
The FT report said Nokia will also launch the first Lumia smartphone to use its advanced Pureview imaging technology.
A handset with a 40-megapixel camera and flash may be launched as early as July, it said.
Other products being planned include a lighter and more advanced version of the flagship Lumia 920, the report added.
FT noted sales of Windows phones have begun to build after a slow start in 2011, amid fears among some operators over the pace of momentum in certain markets.
It added Nokia is planning to work closely with mobile operators to encourage sales. Exclusive phone launches are being planned with different carriers worldwide.
Nokia is also expected to "aggressively" build its feature phone business this year amid pressure from cheaper smartphone companies in Asia, it said. — TJD, GMA News