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'Official' Ministry of Magic government website goes live

It could be the ultimate Christmas gift for UK-based Harry Potter fans on the Internet: a site for the UK government's Ministry of Magic.
While the Ministry of Magic site is fictional, it has been carefully set up to have the same look and feel of a real UK government web portal.
helps a lot that the site has the uniform format of UK government sites.
"The Ministry of Magic is responsible for maintaining the concealment of the wizarding community from the muggle community. We monitor all wizarding activity and protect the muggles of Britain from any negative wizard phenomena. This activity is ultimately for the benefit of the wizarding community," reads the description on the site (
It added it is the legislative body that represents all magical individuals in the UK, and is responsible for and oversee all instances of magic within the UK.
"We are also responsible for the protection of British muggles and maintaining the anonymity of the magical community," it said.
Articles promoted on the site include one that declares July 12 an "annual day of celebration in the magical world," to mark the defeat of "He Who Must Not Be Named."
The ministry has 12 main departments that oversee specific areas of magical interest.
It also claims to have a Department of Magical Law Enforcement "to enforce wizarding law and prosecute offenders."
Ministers in the department include:
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt,Minister for Magic
  • Nymphadora Tonks, Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement
  • Andy Brown, Head of Department of the Use of Muggle Technologies
  • Amos Digory, Head of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
  • Arthur Weasley, Head of Department of International Magical Cooperation
A separate article on The Next Web said the fan-created site is styled after GOV.UK, the portal and design used for all UK government departmental websites.
"The site was created by Andy Brown, a cohort member of the Entrepreneur First program who worked with the Government Digital Service earlier this year," it said.
However, it noted nearly all of the links direct to a Confundus post.
"But it’s the polish and execution on the front page that make this such an impressive piece of web design," it said. — TJD, GMA News